Screen Wexford Crew Community

The Screen Wexford Crew Community is a place for everyone involved in Wexford Film & Video Production to connect.

Our goal is to help Wexford Crews find each other and to work together to create a strong connected community of Wexford filmmakers.

This is a place to post:

– Roles paid/unpaid

– News about the Irish film industry

– Film Festivals

– Meetups

– Networking

– Locations

– Advice

We would encourage all filmmakers in Wexford to join this group and to actively participate. It is essential that we are interconnected as a group of filmmakers and that we take the time to connect, share and celebrate each other’s work.

Screen Wexford Crew Database

Screen Wexford maintains a crew database of local crew, which production companies will regularly reference when crewing up for projects that film here. Please contact us if you wish to access this.

If you are crew based in the county and would like to register on the crew database, you can complete your details at the link below.

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