The Sky and the Ground

The Sky and the Ground


The Sky and the Ground


The Sky and the Ground is a traditional pub in Wexford town, in south county Wexford, Ireland.

The pub may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need a characterful traditional bar. The interior is strongly styled and has a lived-in appearance. This unique style is matched by an unusual shape that is formed by alcoves, small spaces, and narrow passageways. The building was originally a terrace house, so the venue is laid out to fit the specific shape of the structure.

The location is found on the Wexford main street and it features a retro shop front like exterior. It has a relatively large outdoor area at the rear of the building. The pub is known for its live music and lively atmosphere.

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Parking: a car park at the rear of the building fits ~100 cars.

Located in Wexford.

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112 South Main Street, Wexford, Ireland


The Sky and the Ground

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