Baginbun Beach

Baginbun Beach


Baginbun Beach

Baginbun Beach

Baginbun Beach is a sandy beach on the Hook Peninsula in south west County Wexford, Ireland.

The secluded beach may be ideal for scenes that need an isolated and iconic beach filming location. The cliffs shelter the beach from winds, separate it visually from the rest of the world, and give the location an memorable look. The beach is sandy and visually pleasant, but also has some exposed rocks that may give visual variety to scenes shot at the location. Due to the shelter provided by the cliffs and the shape of the coast in general, the water at Baginbun is surprisingly calm and the waves are usually gentle and slow. This feature combines with its isolated qualities to give the beach an idyllic atmosphere.

On the south side of the beach is a 19th century Martello tower. The iconic tower is easily visible from the beach and may help give the location a period feel. This building is a private residence and the surrounding land of the head is private property. The beach has won a Green Coast Award for its water quality and good management. Please note that the location partly submerges under high tide.

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Dimensions: 300m long, around 25m wide.

Parking: a beach car park fits ~10 cars.

Nearest Village: Fethard-on-Sea, 2km away.

Nearest town: New Ross, 30km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly, Alan Boland


Baginbun Beach, Ramstown, Fethard-On-Sea, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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