Ballymoney South Beach

Ballymoney South Beach


Ballymoney South Beach


Ballymoney south beach is a cosy, sandy beach near Gorey, in north-east County Wexford.

The beach’s geography and amenities give it an intimate and cosy feel. The beach is penned in by rocks on the southern end, and is overlooked by Ballymoney on its western side. A cute beach shop in the car park is open during the summer months. Also adding to the beach’s cosy feel are ideally located viewing benches.

The beach is attached to Ballymoney North Beach. Both can be reached by the same carpark. The two beaches are connected by a paved pathway that crosses behind the rocks that separate the two beaches.

The south beach has a green coast award, which is given to beaches that have very high standards in water quality and management.

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Beach dimensions: 50m at its widest and around 150m long.

Faces south east.

Public toilets are available in the car park.

Parking: Around 20 spaces 5m from the beach.

Located in Ballymoney.

Nearest town: Gorey, 8km away.

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Photographer: Terence White


Ballymoney Beach, Sea Road, Ballymoney, Co. Wexford


George Colfer, Executive Engineer, Wexford Co Co

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