Carnivan Beach

Carnivan Beach


Carnivan Beach


Carnivan Beach is a surfing beach located on the Hook Peninsula in south-west County Wexford.

Due to its good looks and reliable waves, the beach may be an ideal filming location for surfing scenes. It can get strong and reliable waves with north-west winds, and so is often used by surfers, especially in winter months.

The sandy beach is surrounded by gorgeous cliffs. The cliff faces are, at some places, so sandy that they look like steep dunes rather than cliffs. Rockpools can be found on the beach at low tide.

The beach has a rip current and underwater rocks, so its not considered safe for beginners or weak swimmers. Just around the head is Baginbun Beach, which is very similar and considered a swimmer friendly beach.

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On the cliffs to the east, sits an early 19th century Martello Tower. The tower is now a private residence.

Dimensions: Beach: ~300m long and ~15m wide. Cliffs: ~20m tall.

Parking: Two car parks. One that holds ~5 cars and another that holds ~15 cars.

Nearest large village: Fethard-on-Sea, 2km away.

Nearest town: New Ross, 30km away.

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Photographer: Alan Boland, Gordon Wycherly


Carnivan Beach, Carnivan, Ramstown, Co. Wexford


George Colfer, Executive Engineer, Wexford Co. Council

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