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Courtown Woods


Courtown Woods


Courtown Woods is a planted forest in Courtown, north east County Wexford, Ireland.

The woods may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need a large woodland with a variety of atmospheres. Four carefully designed walking trails in the forest give it a variety of paths, open areas, and views. Some parts of these trails are particularly wide and open and give the forest a welcoming feeling. But the location also has tighter and more secluded areas, and in these areas the paths twist and turn over undulating ground, giving the location a dramatic and wild feel. Both types of trail have scenic views and beauty spots, especially by the Owenavorragh River near the centre of the forest. 

The location also features the dramatic Ballinatray Bridge. This road crossing on the Owenavorragh River is one of the tallest stone bridges in Ireland and its impressive design is particularly striking seen through the trees of the forest.

Parts of the walking trails overlook Courtown Beach and Dodd’s Rock Beach. Adding to the range of atmospheres in the location is that fact that there are two sets of trees growing side by side. The forest was originally planted with a exotic species by the Earl of Courtown in the 19th century, and then added to by a mid twentieth century planting of commercial timber trees. At the edge of the forest is the Kilbride Cross, a very weathered one thousand year old high cross. The cross can be viewed from a small paved area by the roadside. 

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Owned and maintained by Active Tribe Courtown, see more on the company’s website here.

Parking: There are three access car parks. One on the Burrow road past the harbour in Courtown, a second can be found near the Ballinatray Bridge, and a third can be found at the Active Tribe building.

Nearest town: Gorey, 6km away.

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Photographer: Celtic Routes, Gordon Wycherly


Courtown Woods, Courtown, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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