Kilpatrick Beach

Kilpatrick Beach


Kilpatrick Beach


Kilpatrick beach is a sandy and stoney beach on County Wexford’s north-east coast.

The area is generally one of the quieter beaches in county Wexford, as the stones that wash ashore make it unpopular with most beachgoers. But as a potential film location, Kilpatrick beach has a lot going for it. For starters, the sea stones that are unpopular with beachgoers, make for a very visually striking sight on camera when they contrast with the golden white sand of the beach.

On the northern side of the beach, towards Kilmichael Point, there is a very extensive dune system. The reedy and sandy dunes have a dramatic shape and give lots of space for scenes.

Another visual that filmmakers may like at the site is the offshore Arklow Bank wind farm. Visible from the beach and from the dunes, the white wind turbines are very striking against the dark waters of the Irish sea.

The beach is also known for the unusual sea shells as well as the sea stones that wash onto the beach. The beach is popular with anglers.

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Beach dimensions: 20-30m wide, around 600m long.

The dunes at the north end of the beach belong to the Kilmichael Point Reserve.

Parking: 2-5 cars. 30m from the beach.

Nearest town: Gorey, 13km away.

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Photographer: Terence White


Kilpatrick Beach, Kilpatrick, Castletown, Gorey, Co. Wexford


George Colfer, Executive Engineer, Wexford Co Co

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