Rosslare Harbour Beach

Rosslare Harbour Beach


Rosslare Harbour Beach


Rosslare Harbour Beach is a sandy beach near Rosslare Harbour Village in south east County Wexford, Ireland.

The beach may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need a lonely beach or a beach near an industrial site. The beach is located just south of Rosslare Europort, meaning that the industrial harbour is its only major neighbour. While on the other sides of the location small sandy cliffs hide any signs of civilisation from view. Additionally, the car park for the beach is located right beside the Europort.

Adding to the unusual character of the beach, a World War 2 era pillbox remains near the beach carp park. The empty military structure is on the cliffs and overlooks the coast. Further down the beach, a small children’s playground overlooks the coast on the cliffs to the south. A wooden walk way was recently added to the location to give better access for locals.

Also known as Ballyknockan Bay Beach.

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Parking: At the top of the beach, fits ~30 cars.

Located in Rosslare Harbour Village and near Rosslare Europort.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Rosslare Harbour, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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