Sandeel Bay Beach

Sandeel Bay Beach


Sandeel Bay Beach


Sandeel Bay beach is a sandy beach surrounded by stone cliffs on the Hook peninsula, County Wexford.

The bay has a uniquely jurrassic and primeval look that makes it an interesting potential film location. Because of its stratified sandstone cliffs, and the light blue waters of the bay, Sandeel Bay Beach feels exotic and ancient. And away from the sandy parts of the beach, large boulders cover the shore, giving the area an even more stark and jurassic look.

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The sandy section is around 50m long and 10m wide.

Sand quality is fine but it is rocky in places.

Sandeel Bay is considered a secluded beach and is rarely visisted by non-locals.

Carpark fits around 5 cars and is 10m from the beach.

Nearest town: Fethard-on-Sea, 7km away.

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Photographer: Alan Boland, Gordon Wycherly


Sandeel Bay Beach, Houseland, Co. Wexford


George Colfer, Executive Engineer, Wexford Co Co

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