The Point Beach Rosslare

The Point Beach Rosslare


The Point Beach Rosslare


The Point Beach Rosslare is a sandy beach near Rosslare village in south County Wexford, Ireland.

The beach may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need an isolated beach or for scenes that need low grassy dunes. The beach curves around a peninsula that marks the south edge of Wexford Harbour. Due to its position, the beach faces the sea on three sides. It is isolated from the nearby village by being at the end of the spit.

The interior of the small peninsula is made up of unspoilt grassy dunes. These dunes are just large enough to be a filming location themselves, while they also act as a good backdrop for the beach itself. The beach is split by stone breakwaters meant to protect from coastal erosion. These breakwaters may make interesting landmarks for scenes, or may give a natural background to shots. Just off the coast are a pair of island sandbars. These sandy islands are often home to migrating birds.

Across the Wexford Harbour is the Raven Nature Reserve and the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve. To the south of the location is Rosslare Strand. Between the dunes and Rosslare village is a golf course.

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Nearest town: Wexford, 23km away.

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Photographer: Alan Boland


The Point Beach, Rosslare, Rosslarefort, County Wexford, Ireland


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