The Raven Nature Reserve and Raven Point Beach

The Raven Nature Reserve and Raven Point Beach


The Raven Nature Reserve and Raven Point Beach


The Raven Nature Reserve is a woodland wildlife reserve bordered by a beach in south west County Wexford, Ireland.

The large pine forest is lined by a golden beach on one side, and together the two features may make an ideal filming location for scenes that need an idyllic beach, an old forest, or that need a rich natural environment. Pine trees make up most of the forest’s tree species, with Corsican pine being the most common. The woodland is by traversed by walking trails which make access fairly easy. There is a single main path that travels north to south. It splits into a loop at the south of the location. The area is popular with casual walkers. The trail is 6.8km long.

At the edge of the forest, the paths lead out onto Raven Point Beach. This beach is long, wide, has golden sand, and is fairly isolated. The beach and the forest together elevate each other and add to the visual character of the other. Seen from the beach, the old pine forest has a mysterious and dark atmosphere, while viewed from the forest, the beach seems to have a rich, unspoiled elegance. In addition to the sandy beach, to the south end of the forest, there is a fairly large area of grassy sand dunes.

As an area of conservation, the beach and woodland is home to many species of rare fauna and flora. 35% of the world’s population of Greenland and White-fronted Geese spend winter at the site. Native red squirrels also populate the woods. Just off the coast from the beach is an unstable sandbar that is often home to rare migrating birds. Visitors are asked to stay a good distance from wild animals and birds, and to especially avoid the fields to the west so as not to disturb nesting birds.

As with the nearby Wexford Wildfowl Reserve, the National Parks and Wildlife Service operates the woods. The beach is an extension of Curracloe Beach. The Raven Point demarcates the north edge of Wexford Harbour. The location’s name doesn’t refer to living ravens, but rather comes from an Irish word which referenced the shape of the sand spit.

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Also known locally as Raven’s Point Woods and Curracloe Woods.

Dimensions: Forest area: 5.9km2. Beach: ~4km long, 140m at its widest, 30m at its thinnest. Dunes: a triangle, 250m x 250m x 300m.

Parking: A car park at the trail headhead at the north of the forest which fits ~50 cars.

Nearest town: Wexford, 12km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly, Al Butler


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