Boro Bridge

Boro Bridge


Boro Bridge


Boro Bridge is an weathered stone bridge near Castleboro House in central County Wexford, Ireland.

The bridge may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need an ancient-looking bridge or for period scenes set on a country road. The three arch structure is worn and covered in moss and ivy. The area around it is forested and rural. The river is shallow, narrow and littered with mossy rocks. The road on the bridge is roughly tarmacked, unassuming, and has pretty granite parapets on either side. Additionally, the routes leading to the bridge travel through picturesque countryside.

The bridge was built in 1848. It sits at the entrance gate to the Castleboro House demesne. It crosses the Boro River.

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Nearest town: Enniscorthy, 15km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Boro Bridge, Castleboro Demesne, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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