Wexford Bridge

Wexford Bridge


Wexford Bridge


Wexford Bridge is a modern road bridge that crosses the River Slaney in Wexford town, County Wexford, Ireland.

The bridge may be an ideal filming location for scenes that are set on a modern bridge in an urban location. The bridge is made of steel girders and composite concrete slabs. It has a sleek and sweeping design. The crossing has footpaths on both sides, allowing filmmakers to easily set scenes with the river or the town as a backdrop.

On the south side, the bridge meets the R730 on the busy Wexford Quay. On the north side, the area is much less built up and there is a carpark and open area for walkers. The bridge is part of the R741 road.

The bridge was built in 1997, and it replaced an earlier bridge from the 1960s. The council often decorates the lamp posts along the bridge with bunting and county flags.

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Dimension: Length over water, 383 metres. Total length including approach roads, 590 metres.

Parking: On the north side of the bridge, fits ~100 cars.

Located in Wexford town and overlooks Wexford Harbour and Wexford Quay.

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Photographer: Alan Boland, Gordon Wycherly


Wexford Bridge, Wexford, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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