Roche’s Tower House

Roche’s Tower House


Roche’s Tower House


Roche’s Tower House is a ruined tower house on the River Slaney near Wexford town.

The tower was built by the locally important Roche family between the 1400s and 1500s. Before the bridge was built, a ferry would cross the Slaney in the area (giving Ferrycarrig its name), and this tower was built as a means of defending the ferry from rebels and bandits.

The castle-like building is ideally located overlooking the wide River Slaney, and is just across the river from the Irish National Heritage Park. A round tower in the park overlooks the tower house and may give filmmakers extra options for historical scenes. Although the location is near a main road, the majestic river Slaney, and the fairly wild vegetation on its banks, may give the tower house some use a period filming location.

The ruined interior of the building is inaccessible to the public, but may be accessible upon special request.

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The Irish National Heritage Park sits just across the river. The driveway of the Ferrycarrig Hotel is just beside this location.

Often misnamed as “Ferrycarrig Castle”. Ferrycarrig castle refers to an older castle that once existed in the area.

Parking: Onsite and holds 15-20 cars.

Nearest town: Weford, 5km away.

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