Coastal Road, Killiane

Coastal Road, Killiane


Coastal Road, Killiane


The Coastal Road, Killiane is a coastal road in south east County Wexford.

The narrow road may make an ideal filming location for driving scenes that are set near the sea and especially for scenes that need a timeless location. The road is completely clear of buildings and signage for the last 160m until it reaches the beach. This means that the road feels remote and timeless.

The location can fill in for a range of periods as the narrow, tarmac road has no markings or signs that may date it.

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For a less remote feeling coastal road, filmmakers may be interested in Coastal Road, Clone.

Dimensions: The straight part of the road is 500m long, but the part of the road with no buildings is 160m. Width, around 5m.

Parking: limited.

Nearest village: Rosslare Harbour, 5km away.

Nearest town: Wexford, 20km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Killilane, Kilrane, Rosslare Harbour, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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