Cullenstown Handball Alley

Cullenstown Handball Alley


Cullenstown Handball Alley


Cullenstown Handball Alley is a handball alley on Cullenstown Strand in south County Wexford.

The handball alley may be a ideal filming location for sports scenes that need an interesting backdrop or for beach scenes that need an unusual setting. The alley’s defining feature is its location right on Cullenstown Strand. Around the alley, there are scenic views of the beach and the sea.

The walls of the alley are weathered and lichen-spotted, which adds to its appeal. Stairs adjacent to the alley lead up onto the road, giving filmmakers direct access to the location. The alley is also accessible from Cullenstown Strand and from the beach carpark as well. The alley was originally built in 1912, with additions in 1940, and restored in 2005.

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Dimensions: main wall height 6.6 meters, width 10 meters, length 19 meters.

On Cullenstown Strand. Very close to The Shell Cottage.

Parking: On the beach, ~10 cars.

Nearest town: Wexford, 25km away.

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Cullenstown Volley Ball and Handball Court, Cullenstown, Duncormick, Co. Wexford


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