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Fethard Quay


Fethard Quay is a tiny port near Fethard-on-Sea in south-west County Wexford, Ireland.

Frequently called Ireland’s smallest port, the quay may be an ideal filming location where an active, lived-in, and historic fishing port is needed. It was built in 1745, and hasn’t been changed much since then. Its age gives the weathered quay a strong, lived-in quality. This feeling is furthered by its size, as the congested quay is almost always full of boats. Also due to its size, the quay is mostly populated with smaller fishing boats, and rarely do pleasure craft or larger boats moor in the quay itself. This limited variety of boats gives the quay a quaint and rugged character.

The quay was purpose-built by Nicholas Loftus, of the locally important Loftus family, to specifically house a revenue cruiser, or King’s Barge. These ships were used to police smuggling along the coast. Originally the quay was meant to only house one boat and nothing else, it wasn’t until later that the quay was used to moor fishing vessels.

The location features some ruined store houses from when the quay was originally built. The quay is prone to drying out in low tides. Pleasure craft and larger fishing boats tend to moor just outside the port itself. Overlooking the quay is a large and modern guest house. This may give filmmakers accomodation options or potentially more filming locations near the quay.

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Also known as Fethard harbour and Fethard dock.

Dimensions: 30m by 60m.

Parking: Onsite, fits <5 cars.

Located just outside Fethard-on-Sea.

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Fethard-On-Sea Quay, Quay Road, Fethard-On-Sea, Co. Wexford


George Colfer, Executive Engineer, Wexford Co Co

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