Kilmichael Point Ruins

Kilmichael Point Ruins


Kilmichael Point Ruins


Kilmichael Point Ruins are a pair of ruined houses on Kilmichael Point in north west County Wexford, Ireland.

The coastal ruins may make an ideal filming location for a ruined Irish village. The structures sit in Kilmichael Point Reserve, which is a wild piece of land overlooking the sea. This setting gives the ruined buildings a rural and rugged feel.

The Kilmichael Point Ruins were built in the late 19th or early 20th century and are now reduced to a skeleton. The roof, floors and interiors are completely gone. The larger building consists of three internal rooms and the other has two internal rooms. The walls consist of stacked stone, slate and rubble, and they have red brick linings around the doors and windows.

A disused look-out building can be found on a slight promontory south of the locations. And just north of the location is a refurbished lifeguard station that is now a private residence. As of 2022, a herd of native cows occupies the lands of the reserve. So the landowner is restricting access due to the danger posed to visitors.

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Parking: ~15 spaces near the entrance to the reserve.

Located in Kilmichael Point Reserve.

Nearest town: Gorey, 15km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Kilmichael Point Reserve, Kilmichael, Co. Wexford


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