South Slob Pumphouse

South Slob Pumphouse


South Slob Pumphouse


The South Slob Pumphouse is a 19th century brick building in south east County Wexford, Ireland.

The charming building may be an ideal filming location for period scenes and especially for period scenes about industry or workers. The building has an industrial feel due to its straightforward layout and robust details. The exterior is of pretty red brick and has contrasting grey limestone dressings.

The pumphouse is further elevated by its settingand the area’s other features. The building is on the edge of the South Slob. This is an area of reclaimed land that has a very flat topography and an unspoilt appearance. The location also includes a simple but beautiful 19th century stone bridge that crosses over a canal. The road that this bridge carries is unmarked and rural and may be a useful filming location itself. A second road leads from behind the pumphouse and travels along the canal and passes by a small pine forest. The canal passes very close to the pumphouse and it adds even more visual impact to the location.

The South Slob Pumphouse was built in 1857, and was used in conjunction with land reclamation work done at that time. The building is of a Italianate style. The building once had a water wheel, but this is now lost.

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Parking: ~5 spaces behind the building.

Nearest town: Wexford, 6km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Pump House, Bogganstown Lower, South Slob Road, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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