Wexford Quay

Wexford Quay


Wexford Quay


Wexford Quay is a long quay and wooden promenade in Wexford town.

The quay may be a useful filming location for waterfront urban scenes, for scenes set on a promenade, or for fishing boat scenes. The quay is made up of a long wooden promenade and concrete berths for boats. All along the quay and facing the harbour are colourful 19th and early 20th century buildings. The promenade is quite wide and open and has good views of the quay-front buildings, Wexford harbour, and Wexford Bridge. The walking route is continued on the concrete pier that wraps around and creates a harbour for boats. The location is quite unusual because the promenade is also used by local mussel dredgers to moor their boats.

The quay front was opened in 2000 and replaced a decaying wooden quay that had existed in the spot. It is located in Wexford harbour, and is often incorrectly called Wexford harbour itself. The promenade is separated from the road by a train track. This train line goes from Wexford Railway Station down to Rosslare Europort. Also visible from the quay is Wexford Bridge. The promenade is a popular walking spot for tourists and locals.

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Dimensions: Promenade: 500m by 35m, though it is 20m wide near crescent quay. Pier: 200m by 12m. Quay length (excluding pier): 1km.

Parking: Paul Quay car park, fits ~100 cars.

Located in Wexford.

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Photographer: @Tony_Travels, Gordon Wycherly, @sarahbuttle


Wexford Quay, Ferrybank South, Co. Wexford


Captain Phil Murphy, Wexford County Council

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