Wreck of the Port Lairge

Wreck of the Port Lairge


Wreck of the Port Lairge


The Port Lairge is a ship wreck near St Kieran’s Quay in south County Wexford.

The rusting ship may be an ideal background visual for films that need a large and visually interesting ship wreck. The wreck is rusting but mostly intact. The area is very accessible as the wreck is grounded on slobland near the shore and is passed by a small road. During low tide, it’s possible, though precarious, to walk out to the ship from St Kieran’s Quay.

The ship was built c.1910 and was used up until 1987. It was a steam dredger and used to clear Waterford Harbour.

St Kieran’s Quay is a slipway and pontoon jetty around 200m away. Also known as St Kearns Quay.

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Nearest village: Saltmills, 3km away.

Nearest town: New Ross, 24km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Saint Kieran’s Quay, Saint Kieran’s, Saltmills, Co. Wexford


George Colfer, Executive Engineer, Wexford Co. Council

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