JFK Arboretum

JFK Arboretum


JFK Arboretum


The JFK Arboretum is a memorial arboretum near New Ross County Wexford.

The John F. Kennedy Arboretum may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need a woodland area, a garden, or just a generally peaceful area. The arboretum covers around 2.5 square kilometres on the slopes of Slievecoiltia. There are around 4,500 different species of plants and trees arranged in different sections around the park. This variety may give filmmakers a range of different location types to choose from, all the way from picturesque and peaceful, to dark and foreboding. There is a small decorative lake in the arboretum, which acts as a landmark and ties the different woodland areas together.

The arboreteum has a picnic spot and play area for children. There is a small hedge maze, and a topiary cut into the shape of a small house. A visitor’s centre has an exhibition space and holds audiovisual displays about the history of the arboreteum and about John F. Kennedy.

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See more on the Heritage Ireland website.

Dimensions: 2.5 square kilometeres, or 623 acres.

Nearest town: New Ross, 12km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


JFK Arboretum, Ballysop, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Y34 KA48

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