Coolmelagh Forest

Coolmelagh Forest


Coolmelagh Forest


Coolmelagh Forest is woods on Gibbet Hill in north County Wexford, Ireland.

The woods may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need woodlands with breathtaking views. At the edge of the forest the location overlooks the valleys and plains of Counties Wexford, Carlow, and Wicklow. On the summit of Gibbet Hill itself the view is particularly awe-inspiring. On a clear day the view goes as far as the beautiful Blackstairs Mountains 20km to the south.

The woods itself consists of pine and beech trees. Paths, trails and roads crisscross the site. Coillte created 3 designated walking trails for a variety of walkers to better utilize these routes. Every year in May, blue bells carpet the forest floor.

At the edge of the forest, the wind turbines of a wind farm give the site a modern quality and add a breathtaking sense of scale to the location. 4 of these turbines are on Gibbet Hill itself.

Additionally, a large Marian year cross makes a visually interesting landmark on the summit of Gibbet Hill. The site may have historically been a site for executions, hence the hill’s name – a gibbet is a place for hangings. The cross now stands in the spot where the hangings allegedly took place.

The forest is known for its wildlife. Foxes, hares, badgers occupy the forest, as well as peregrine falcons and other bird species. Deer have been known to occasionally venture down from the Wicklow Mountains and into the forest.

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The site is maintained and operated by Coillte. See more on their website here.

Dimensions: Gibbet hill is 315m high.

Parking: roadside parking fits ~3 cars on the north side. A larger car park on the east side fits ~15 cars. More parking may be available nearer the summit upon special request.

Nearest town: Bunclody, 6km away.

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Coolmelagh Forest Recreational Area, R746,  Coolmela, Co. Wexford, Ireland



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