Oulart Hill

Oulart Hill


Oulart Hill


Oulart Hill is a small hill in central County Wexford, Ireland.

The gently sloping hill may make an unique filming location due to the Tulach a’ tSolais (burial mound of light) monument on the summit. The abstract monument/art piece has been described as an ‘entrance to some futuristic burial mound’. The monument is a small artificial hill that opens in a narrow aperture. The artificial hill and white concrete rim around the aperture stands out in the otherwise rural landscape. Inside the monument is an open space that seemingly has no purpose or meaning. The monument’s features combine together to make a futuristic but ancient looking, peaceful but unsettling place.

Tulach a’ tSolais was built to mark the 1798 rebellion bicentennial. It is a monument to the Battle of Oulart Hill which was fought in the area. Wexford based artist Michael Warren designed the piece.

Walking trails lead from the car park and follow the fields towards the mound. The trails also lead through the forests on the hill.

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See more about the monument, the hill, and the area’s history on the Oulart Hill Development Group’s website.

Parking: Around 500m from the monument, fits around 10 cars.

Nearest town: Enniscorthy, 15km away.

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Photographer: Alan Boland


Ballinroad, Oulart, Co. Wexford


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