Vinegar Hill, Enniscorthy

Vinegar Hill, Enniscorthy


Vinegar Hill, Enniscorthy


Vinegar Hill is a large hill in Enniscorthy, County Wexford.

The hill may be an ideal filming location for scenes where an undeveloped hill near a town is needed. The hill overlooks Enniscorthy and rises to such a height over the town that it is nearly visible from every street in it. The height difference also means that good vistas of the town can be seen from the top of the hill.

A small ruin on the summit gives the hill a recognisable silhouette and they also give the otherwise empty peak an interesting centre piece. A common misconception is that the ruins are of a watch tower or castle because of their location and looks, but actually the ruins were once part of a windmill.

Other than the ruins, there are paths, benchs, open areas, gorse patches, rock outcrops, and other features atop the hill. These spaces and feautres will allow filmmakers to set a variety of scenes on the hill. There are gently sloped paths that lead from the carpark up to the summit, meaning that access is also fairly easy.

The location has local historical importance as the Battle of Vinegar Hill was fought on its slopes.

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Dimensions: Height of the hill, around 120 meters.

Parking: half way up the hill, holds ~50 cars.

Located in Enniscorthy town.

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Photographer: Ashraf Suleiman, Wexford Aerial, Chris Hill, Gordon Wycherly


Vinegar Hill Ln, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford


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