Castleboro House

Castleboro House


Castleboro House


Castleboro House is a large ruined manor house located near Clonroche, County Wexford.

The ruined manor may be an ideal filming location for scenes that require pictarequse ruins or for scenes that need a ruined period house. The former manor house was particularly beautiful and lavish in its day, and despite the damage and decay, the empty shell speaks to this former glory. Architectural details like the floral carving in the stone parapets and the numerous stately granite columns that line the exterior leave a lasting visual impact.

The size and layout of the remaining structure also adds a sense of beauty and lavishness to the location as well. The large ruin is 3 stories high and is around 75m in length. The manor was specifically laid out to give an impressive vista effect to the viewer when approached.

Castleboro House was designed by Daniel Robertson and was built in the mid 1800s on the site of an earlier house. The building was burned down by the IRA in 1923.

The building is roofless so the interior is quite overgrown with plants. The location is in a deterioting state and may be prone to collapse. The building is located on privately owned farmland.

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Located within 10 minutes drive of Coolbawn House, a similarly ruined stately house.

Parking: soft parking onsite, fits ~5 cars.

Nearest town: Enniscorthy, 15km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Castleboro House, Castleboro Demesne, Co. Wexford


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