Selskar Abbey

Selskar Abbey


Selskar Abbey


Selskar Abbey is a ruined abbey, church, and tower in Wexford town.

The abbey may be a useful filming location where a visually pleasing ruin is needed or for when an urban ruined church is needed. The redstone and grey granite exterior of the ruined church is very appealing, and the scale of the attached tower is very impressive. And the enclosing outer walls give the whole location a secluded and enigmatic quality. The abbey is located on a winding street in Wexford town.

The location is a mix of different ruins. The outer wall of the abbey is still standing, and is the oldest part of the ruins. The abbey was built in 1172 and the walls mostly date from this period. The tower was built in the 1300s, and restored in the 19th century when the church was built. The ruined Anglican church was designed by John Semple, and built around 1830. The church was allowed to go to ruin in 1950 as a consequence of reduced demand. The location also has a historic cemetery.

The abbey has some historical interest. The first Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed here in 1169. And Norman leader, Raymond ‘Le Gros’ Fitzgerald, was married to Strongbow’s sister, Basila de Clare, in the abbey. Also, Henry II allegedly spent Lent in the abbey as penance for the execution of Thomas Becket.

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Parking: paid and fits 5 cars.

Located in Wexford town.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly, Luke Myers


Selksar Abbey, Abbey Street, Ferrybank South, Wexford, Co. Wexford,


County Secretary, Wexford County Council

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