St Anne’s Historic Graveyard, Killanne

St Anne’s Historic Graveyard, Killanne


St Anne’s Historic Graveyard, Killanne


Saint Anne’s Historic Graveyard is a historic rural cemetery in Killanne in west County Wexford.

The cemetery is ideal for scenes that need a rural and ancient graveyard. The burial ground has markers from 1731 to 1950 and many of the graves are lichen covered and weathered. The graveyard is siutuated in farmer’s fields and is separated from the fields by a line of trees. The trees surround the graveyard on three sides and the fourth side has a low stone wall and faces an unmarked road. All of these features give the historic rural cemetery a tranquil and sylvan atmosphere.

Across the road is St Anne’s Church of Ireland. The church has its own modern cemetery on its grounds. Additionally, a nearby holy well can be accessed by passing through this cemetery.

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Dimensions: ~20m by ~30m.

Parking: Onsite, fits 10-15 cars.

Located just outside Killanne village.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Killanne Graveyard, Killanne, Co. Wexford, Y21 WR85


Rev John Carroll

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