St Mary’s Cemetery, Enniscorthy

St Mary’s Cemetery, Enniscorthy


St Mary’s Cemetery, Enniscorthy


St Mary’s Cemetery is a large graveyard in Enniscorthy, County Wexford.

The graveyard may be ideal for films that need space for multiple graveyard scenes or for graveyard scenes that need a huge visual scale to tell their stories. With around 2,000 graves, the cemetery is one of the larger in the county. And because the location is laid out in a solid rectangle, the scale is very appreciable no matter where you view it from.

The gravemarkers in the graveyard range from simple and austere headstones to grander mauseoleum-style markers. Generally speaking, the older headstones are on the eastern side and much newer headstones can be found on the western side. A set of statues depicting the cruxificion are located in the very centre of the graveyard and act as a visually interesting landmark for finding your way around the very large cemetery.

The cemetery is technically broken into two, with the main and older part on one side of the road and a much smaller and only partially filled section on the other side. The larger part of the graveyard has two entrances, one from the busy R772 main road and the other from the quiter R890 road. The carpark is on the R890 road.

There is also a gatelodge located near the lower entrance. This visually pleasing early 20th century brick cottage should give extra options for filmmakers.

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Dimensions: Around 100m by 120m. Around 2,000 graves.

Parking: Limited car access to the graveyard is possible, and parking can be found across the road in the smaller part of the cemetery and it fits ~40 cars.

Located in Enniscorthy.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


St Mary’s Cemetery, Blackstoops Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Y21 C3f6


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