St Mary’s Church, New Ross

St Mary’s Church, New Ross


St Mary’s Church, New Ross


St Mary’s Church is a ruined medieval church in New Ross, County Wexford.

The church may be an ideal filming location for scenes that need a ruined church in a modern location. The building is well preserved, large, and is visually appealing. The lancet windows and interior columns the ruins are particularly visually appealing. The ruins are located in New Ross town, but they are somewhat separated from the town by a graveyard to the rear of the church. The ruined church is also attached to a working early 19th century church.

The site may also be a useful filming location for scenes that revolve around old graves or burials. Behind the church is a fairly large and old graveyard while inside there is a collection of carved medieval grave slabs. Below the church are tombs. Although these tombs are not open to the public, the entrance to them can be seen from outside, and the dark sealed doorway is quite memorable and foreboding.

The ruined church was built around 1200. Part of the nave of the ruins was removed in the early 1800s to make way for the Anglican church. The ruins are connected to the rear of the more recent Anglican church.

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Also known as St Mary’s Abbey.

Dimensions: cemetery, 60m by 70m.

Parking: just across the road, fits ~20 cars.

Located in New Ross.

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Photographer: Al Butler, Gordon Wycherly


Church St, Bowling Green, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland, Y34 DN82


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