St Stephen’s Cemetery, New Ross

St Stephen’s Cemetery, New Ross


St Stephen’s Cemetery, New Ross


St Stephen’s Cemetery, New Ross, is a large urban graveyard located at the edge of New Ross town.

The graveyard may be a useful filming location for scenes that require a large and aged cemetery location. There are around 1,000 graves on the site, many of which are weathered and spotted by lichen. Some of these graves date to as early as 1776.

An unsual feature of the graveyard is the tripartite gate at the entranceway. The pointed screen gate dates from 1886 and is very visually eyecatching from inside and outside the graveyard.

The property also has a chapel at its centre, which will give filmmakers extra options on the site. St Mary’s Church, New Ross is located 1km away, while St Mary and Michael Church is located 2km away. A service lane allows car access to the site.

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Dimensions: cemetery 150m by 120m. The entrance gate is around 6 metres tall (from the ground to the cross on its top).

Street parking is available next to the property and fits ~20 cars.

Located in New Ross.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


St Stephen’s Cemetery, Mortuary Chapel, Irishtown, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Y34 Nf22


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