Soldier’s Hole, Enniscorthy

Soldier’s Hole, Enniscorthy


Soldier’s Hole, Enniscorthy


The Soldier’s Hole Enniscorthy is a forest clearing around the Boro river near Enniscorthy County Wexford.

The clearing is a potential filming location where scenes need a river and a forest together. Both the forest and the river have a strong character and together they make a memorable and useful pairing. The river at the Soldier’s Hole is wide and mostly turbulent. The forest is an old mixed pine forest, that varies between thicket and more clear ground.

The Soldier’s Hole is named after a turbulent section of the river where soldiers were allegedly thrown to their deaths as a punishment.

Leading away from the clearing are forest paths, some of which follow along the course of the Boro river. A small carpark can be found just up the road.

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On the Boro River.

Dimensions: The main part of the forest is 100m by 40m. Though the forest stretches a further 300m by 20m along the river.

Parking: Nearby, fits 10-15 cars.

Nearest town: Enniscorthy, 4.4km away.

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


L2045, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford


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