Library Park Amphitheatre

Library Park Amphitheatre


Library Park Amphitheatre


The Library Park Amphitheatre is an outdoor amphitheatre in New Ross, in south west County Wexford.

The amphitheatre may be an ideal filming location for scenes that require an outdoor performance area or for scenes that need a modern and artistic outdoor space. The performance space and its surroundings are pretty and modern. The seats and inner circle are constructed from blue-grey Carlow granite that makes it stand out nicely against the green grass of the park, and the geometric design adds a pleasing visual quality to whole site.

The park is intended to compliment the design and feel of the amphitheatre. Raised mounds of earth create an unusual backstop for the theatre. And because of the trees that encircle the park, the location feels very secluded and peaceful, despite being in the centre of the town.

The Library Park Amphitheatre is designed around the concepts of time, writing, and knowledge. The layout of the park is intended to evoke these ideas, with the amphitheatre also doubling as a large sundial, and the native trees in the park are planted according to their order in the ogham alphabet.

The inscription on the main circle of the location reads “the pen is mightier than the sword” and the other circle has roman numerals for the sundial.

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The amphitheatre’s proper name is An Clog Mór Amphitheatre, which means The Great Clock in Irish.

The amphitheatre seats around 100.

Dimensions: Radius of amphitheatre main circle, 8m. Distance from centre to last step, 17m.

Parking: library car park that fits ~50 cars.

Located in New Ross.

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Photographer: Al Butler


New Ross Public Library, Barrack Lane, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Y34 NW56


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