Wexford County Council Offices

Wexford County Council Offices


Wexford County Council Offices


The Wexford County Council Offices is a large municipal office building near Wexford town, County Wexford, Ireland.

The offices may be an ideal filming location for office scenes or government scenes, and especially for scenes set in the modern day or the near future. The building is of an experimental modernist design and the main interior space pushes the concept of open plan further than usual. And as a result, it has long sweeping views that are enhanced by the visual grid created by the windows, lights, and wall tiles. The exterior of the building is encased in a glass shell that adds an unusual visual quality to the building. The main materials of the location are limestone and glass.

The offices house services and departments related to the Wexford County Council. Robin Lee Architecture designed the building. The five storey building is made up of six blocks, each representing a different department of the council. An open plaza symbolizing a ‘civic forum’ joins the blocks together. Courtyards, atriums, pools of water, and rooftop areas decorate and enhance the location.

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Dimensions: 11,500 square meters, 5 storeys.

Parking: has its own carpark, fits ~350 cars.

Located in Wexford town.

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Photographer: Robin Lee, Gordon Wycherly


Wexford County Council Offices, Newtown Rd, Carricklawn, Wexford, Ireland Y35 WY93


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