Bridgetown (Irish: Baile an Droichid) is a small village in south County Wexford.

The village is bisected by the Rosslare to Waterford rail line, which may make it an interesting choice for filmmakers who need a location that includes a rural town and a railway.

The railway cuts through the village so tightly that a row of houses have their backgardens opening onto the line itself. Also, a former train platform, Bridgetown Railway Station, sits near the centre of the village. This still intact platform gives filmmakers even more options for railway scenes. The railway no longer carries passenger trains, but the line and the platform are still maintained in good condition.

Also in the village, is its namesake, a 19th century bridge made from unrefined fieldstone. The 20m road bridge has four, geometric and visually pleasing round humps. It can be easily viewed from a riverside pathway just west of the bridge. The river that it crosses runs parallel with the railway line.

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Population: ~460.

Other buildings and locations in the town that may be of interest are, a large playground, a secondary school, supermarket/filling station, bookshop, cafe, a doctors’ surgery, pharmacy, an apple farm, and a post office.

Nearest town: Wexford, 35km away

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Photographer: Gordon Wycherly


Bridgetown, Co. Wexford


District Manager, Wexford Municipal District

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