Rosslare Harbour Village

Rosslare Harbour Village


Rosslare Harbour Village


Rosslare Harbour Village (Irish: Calafort Ros Láir. Also known as Ballygeary village) is a large port village that surrounds Rosslare Harbour on County Wexford’s south-east coast.

Rosslare Harbour Village’s main attraction for filmmakers is the harbour that gave the village its name. The extensive harbour is located on the village’s eastern end. Cruise ships and ferries can be seen entering and exiting the port from the shops, houses and B&Bs that line the hill overlooking the harbour.

But the village has more locations to offer than just the harbour. The village’s buildings have a weathered seaside look and some buildings date from when the village was first developed in 1906. The village has many shops and businesses related to the harbour. Including hotels, B&Bs, and seafood shops and takeaways. Just outside the village, are warehouses and logistics centres that filmmakers may be interested in.

Near the middle of the village is a memorial park and gardens. The modern and chic park has playgrounds, sculptures, and 4.4 acres of beautiful community maintained gardens. On the sourthern end of the village is Rosslare Harbour Beach.

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Rosslare Europort is in the village boundaries and is easily viewable from different points in the village.

Rosslare Harbour Beach is on the eastern edge. A dune cliff around ~10 metres tall separates the village and the beach.

Population: 1,200.

Ample parking is available around the village.

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Rosslare, Ballygillane Big, Co. Wexford


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