Carracloe Woods (The Raven)

Carracloe Woods (The Raven)


Carracloe Woods (The Raven)

The Raven Nature Reserve is situated approximately 8km NE of Wexford Town and adjacent to Curracloe beach. Like the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve it is owned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. The sand dunes at Raven Point have been forming since the 1600s. Sea sand is blown onshore where it is trapped and bound in place by plants. Tree planting has happened since the 1930s to prevent coastal erosion and to protect the North Slob lands. At the southern end of the wood are more open areas with grasses and flowers.

The Reserve started its existence as a long narrow sand spit sheltering the entrance to Wexford Harbour, in the mid 1880s the creation of the adjacent North Slob landlocked the sand spit on its western side. Covering approximately 600 acres of land and 3.6km in length, the woods are planted with many trees, the commonest being the Corsican Pine; there are also Douglas Fir, Maritime Pine, Shore Pine, Scots Pine, Monterey Pine and others. Most trees were planted for coast protection and timber production. Some trees have grown naturally including the Grey Willow, Creeping Willow, Burnet Rose and Sycamore. The Raven is a popular destination for walkers and has a looped walk through the woods of 6.5km. This path is a compacted stone surface with little or no incline.

There is parking at the entrance to the woods and a County Council car park.

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