The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) is the global non-profit professional organisation representing city, state, regional, provincial and national film commission members on six continents. AFCI’s mission is to provide advocacy, connectivity and education necessary for film commissions and businesses in the screen sector to foster economic growth, to initiate the groundwork for strong infrastructure and provide the essentials for professional development in a fair, sustainable and socially diverse manner world-wide.

Earlier this year, Screen Wexford invested some time in acquainting ourselves with the AFCI’s Film Commission’s course materials to ensure we meet international industry standards when operating our Screen Office. Their online courses are specific to Screen Commissioners and are self-directed. Here are the courses we took:

Film Commission Fundamentals

Film Commission Fundamentals (FCF) is an online course providing valuable information and training to individuals involved with film commissions in any capacity. This course is an introduction and orientation to film commission work. Film Commission Fundamentals give the participant an overview of all aspects of film commission work. Topics of study include film commission operations, marketing your jurisdiction, an overview of economic development, film incentives programs, scouting, location photography, plus working with production and clients and within the local jurisdiction. Graduates of the course will gain an understanding of the skills required of every film commission staff member, and the way in which film commissions can successfully interact with the production community and their jurisdictions. Upon finishing the course, we were awarded a certificate of completion and later went on to study Film Commission Professional.

Film Commission Professional

Film Commission Professional is an online course building on the information presented in Film Commission Fundamentals course.  It provides more in-depth information on several of the most important elements involved in film commission work. Course participants will explore important topics in greater depth including the business aspects of film production, effective marketing techniques, economic development impact and reporting, and the importance of alliances and partnerships such as working with crew, guilds, unions, and economic development officials.

Both courses were incredibly informative and gave an insight into the hard and soft skills required to run a Screen Office. A must for any screen office professional. You can read more about the AFCI here.

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