Workshop: Camera Assistant Introduction

Screen Wexford Workshop

Date: Friday 10th March 2023
Time: 10 AM-4pm 
Location: The Presentation Arts Centre Enniscorthy

Cost: Free

Apply Now: Applications closed

Screen Wexford is delighted to invite cinematographer Tommy Fitzgerald to deliver an introduction to the role of Camera Assistant. This intensive one-day workshop will give those interested in working in the camera department an insight into what is entailed.

This workshop will give you an overview of the hierarchy of a camera crew, learn tips & tricks along with set etiquette and what your role would entail as a camera trainee. The workshop will aim to give a broad overview of the camera department and help equip new entrants with the knowledge and some of the essential skills to working on set.

What is a camera trainee?

Camera trainees work with all members of the camera crew, but they usually work most closely with the second assistant camera (second AC) or clapper loader.

They help prepare the kit at the beginning of the job and may be involved with camera and lens tests. They might mark actors’ positions during rehearsals and keep records, camera logs and other paperwork ready for the edit.

They help set up the monitors, cables and wireless. If there isn’t a dedicated monitor operator, it becomes the role of the trainee. Experienced trainees may also be asked to take on the responsibility of using the clapperboard, changing camera batteries and helping the focus puller (first AC).

The scope of the job changes depending on the size of the production. They might start out making tea and coffee and getting the sides (printouts of the scenes to be shot that day) from the production office to the camera department. On bigger productions, they might help with the second unit camera, a camera set up to do secondary shoots while the main action is taking place elsewhere.

Apply Now: Applications closed

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