Start Date: October 2020

A New-Entrant Learning Programme


New entrants are increasingly required to possess competencies that reflect the ever-changing dynamics of the work environment for the high-end TV Drama space. The course will examine why this skill set is important in the film industry and how these skills are of growing importance across all industries. Industry feedback internationally and nationally continually highlights the need for future skills such as problem-solving, adaptive thinking, creative collaboration and emotional intelligence. Other important elements of the programme include Health and Safety, set etiquette, script breakdown and self-management in the industry.

This 4-day programme is one of the essential steppingstones and forms the basis of the new entrant’s journey to working in the industry. The programme will give a broad overview of all the departments and to help equip new entrants with the knowledge and some of the essential skills to working on set. There will be some practical elements during the 4 days and will consist of virtual group activities, industry panel experts and case studies. The programme will be facilitated and delivered by industry experts and design thinkers which include tutors guest speakers and panellists.


“Future Proofing on the Job”

  • Emotional Intelligence, building self – awareness, motivation, empathy, social skills, feeling confident starting out.
  • Teamwork and collaboration – Understanding how to cultivate a great team environment, how teams interact, collaboration is key, active listening and giving feedback effectively.
  • Managing in a stressful yet fun environment
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Taking a user centered approach and brainstorming.

“The 360 of Set Etiquette”

  • Who’s who?
  • How Departments interact
  • Radio Etiquette – the Standard Approach (AD)
  • Sensitivity around cast and crew
  • Production terminology and Jargon
  • Essential Production Paperwork (AD)
  • Copyright, product placement and clearances the basics.
  • Script Breakdown the basics with a practical exercise. (Irene)
  • Technical on set jargon – crossing the line, eye lines, camera set up, why set ups take so long essential equipment. (Alan)
  • Shooting on location vs Studio

“Health and safety on Set”

  • Health and safety on Set; 
  •  Health and Safety overview legislation/risk assessments
  •  Film Set Safety Protocol/Health and Safety Culture
  • Your role as a crew member
  • Departmental hazards in production: a broad overview
  • From construction site to movie set. 
  • Bullying and harassment 

“Self-Management in the Industry”

  • Navigation through the industry
  • How to manage as a freelancer
  • CV clinic
  • HR the basics
  • Getting Your First Job
  • Reading Contracts
  • Essential Networking


The programme is aimed at new entrants in the Wexford area who possess commitment, motivation and a passion to work in the industry. Please apply online with an up-to-date CV, including a short paragraph outlining why you would like to work in the Film and TV Industry. 

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