Screen Wexford at FNI Unmasked

Screen Wexford, Framing the Sunny South East

Laura Way, Fiona Kinsella & Pail Walker will represent Screen Wexford on the 24th of September in Griffith Collage Dublin at the FNI Unmasked event. Film Network Ireland are hosting an incredible event that focuses on a wide range of subjects in the film and TV industry.

The team from Bodecci Films will be there to discuss their innovative programme, Wexford Writers Scripting For Broadcast Academy. This programme brings a diverse range of writers together, all with one goal in mind, to write for an Anthology series “Menapia”, that tells the stories of County Wexford. The programme was funded by Screen Skills Ireland, Creative Ireland, Wexford County Council, and run by Bodecci Films.

Out of sixty-four applications twelve writers were selected. These writers represented a diverse range of new original voices, from the town and the country, and different socio economic backgrounds. Gender parity was also achieved. Over the course of a year these writers were mentored into bringing their ideas to a one hour television script.

The 12 Wexford writers worked in a collaborative environment with established and experienced Lead Writer/Series Producer, Paul Walker, Producer (Jumper Productions/Tile Media) Fiona Kinsella, and Director/Exec Producer Bodecii Film, Laura Way, to acquire the skills to become broadcast writers. They developed their screen writing skills in a practical environment preparing them to become broadcast writers and bridging the skills gap to the Film and Television Industry. They have engaged with industry professionals, agents, Development Executives, Producers, Directors, Writers and Guilds and all 12 writers have delivered a one hour second draft of their screenplay to date.

The ultimate aim for this programme is to produce the Anthology Series, with training and development for key creative talent incorporated every step of the way. In the summer of 2022, eight of the scripts, were selected, to be further developed and honed into the anthology series and get them Market ready.

In MENAPIA each episode is a new story that spans different genres including horror, thriller, comedy and science fiction. All the while encompassing full diversity of Irish Cultural Life, generating a weird ,wonderful, but most importantly honest snapshot of an Irish County. We will have selected local stories with Universal themes, ones that will appeal to global audiences.

We are very excited to work with FNI and the team at Bodecci Films on this event and help give a platform to Wexford voices at a key industry event like FNI unmasked.

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