Screen Wexford – Crew Community

In response to the need to create a place where we can build a stronger community Screen Wexford have created a The Screen Wexford Crew Community group on Facebook.

The Screen Wexford Crew Community is a place for everyone involved in Wexford Film & Video Production to connect.

Our goal is to help Wexford Crews find each other and to work together to create a strong connected community of Wexford filmmakers.

– Please post

– Roles paid/unpaid

– News about the Irish film industry

– Film Festivals

– Meetups

– Networking

– Locations

– Advice

We would encourage all filmmakers in Wexford to join this group and to actively participate. It is essential that we are interconnected as a group of filmmakers and that we take the time to connect, share and celebrate each other’s work.

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