ALBERT is the authority on environmental sustainability for film + TV. Founded in 2011 and governed by an industry consortium, they support everyone working in film and TV to understand their opportunities to create positive environmental change. Their training helps industry colleagues to live and work sustainably by providing an optimistic, science-based, solution-centric and enjoyable introduction to the environmental challenges we face. Aimed at those who work in production and crew, their courses are free and open to everyone.

As a Screen Office, we undertook Sustainable Production Training which provides the knowledge and skills to create productions in a more sustainable way. Through this course, we looked at…

– environmental basics
– industry’s impact
– production case studies
– carbon calculation and certification

Reduction of our carbon footprint is a hot topic in almost every industry. Whether it’s building and construction or IT data-centres, transport or manufacturing, everyone is becoming increasingly conscious of how much energy they use and how much carbon they put into the atmosphere – and the film and television industry is no different. There are taxes coming. And probably fines too.

Carbon neutral filmmaking is on the way up the agenda and is being taken seriously – anywhere from Screen Ireland to Netflix and Amazon and even in our own county council arts and film offices around the country. Anything we do in Wexford in the area of screen production will take its carbon footprint into account, whether by energy conservation and recycling or by factoring in carbon credits or carbon capture.

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