Workshop: Acting for Camera

Cost: Free

Date: 17th February

Location: Presentation Arts Centre

Spaces: 8

Screen Wexford presents an Acting for Camera workshop.

Working with, filmmaker and writer Fintan Kelly, we will prepare and work on dialogue and scenes from a range of television/films to give the participants a sense of what the experience is like of working with cameras.

You will be taught etiquette on the set, how to warm up your body and voice, and how to bring scripts to life on screen through basic script and scene analysis. You will shoot a scene with the tutor who will share knowledge on hitting marks, shot sizes, continuity and eye lines.


  • – Explore preparation exercises with a focus on developing imagination and creating believable performances
  • – Develop an understanding of the technical aspects of shooting a scene and how this affects performance
  • – Build an understanding around the specific equipment and function
  • – Rehearse and preform scenes on camera
  • – Workshop blocking and shooting scenes

Applications closed

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